Samsung launches aggressive anti-Apple campaign

Over the weekend Samsung launched their new ad campaign for the Galaxy S II smart phone. The campaign called, “The Next Big Thing is Already Here” depicts a certain cultural stereotype and doesn’t hold back from taking a few low blows.

The first ad of the campaign shows Apple fan boys cueing in the street for release of the next iPhone. Although the worlds “Apple” and “iPhone” are never actually spoken, it’s perfectly clear who the people in line are representing. One of them says, “I could never own an Android, I’m creative!” to which his friend responds, “Dude your a barrister!”

The people in line discover a woman with a Galaxy II as she boasts about the features, speed and the Android apps.

Apple have yet to respond to the obvious stab against them. However, given the recent rift between Apple and Samsung, such kind of an ad makes Samsung look more like sore loser rather than simply promoting its new product in a humorous way. One cannot help, but wonder if Samsung is trying to make Apple look bad just because it failed to capture the market as well as Apple did.

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